Education Management and Control by ASD

The EMC (Education) system is a comprehensive student course, personal information, subject, certification and student prospect administration and management system. Bulk and individual emails and SMSs can be sent via the system automatically and manually. Detailed reporting and exporting to Excel for easy data mining is available.  

EMC Preschool offers an easy to use web-based solution for teachers, principals and owners to use. Specialised reports and re-registration forms can be easily generated.

EMC School offers a merit and demerit system as well as Rubric Assessment functionality.

EMC University Management offers great flexibility, allowing institutions to setup the easiest to the most complex mark structures as required. Students are able to view their marks online and update their details, as necessary.

EMC Web & App

We have developed apps for the Education, Clothing Manufacture, Automotive and Industrial industries and can custom develop according to specification. 

EMC Enterprise Resource Planning

EMC by ASD is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning system which addresses all facets of a manufacturing and distribution operation.

A web-based software system backed by EMC that helps manage existing and potential customers with automated bulk & individual SMS & emails capabilities.

EMC Transport Emergency Card System

ASD Solutions has developed a system that generates Transport Emergency Cards (TRECs) in accordance with SANS 10232-4:2018 as published March 2018. The software is available as EMC TREC software or can be printed using the online system.